Customized Throw Blankets


Affection Connection is a family business. The duo consists of daughter, Ivonna Moore, and mother, Charlotte Moore. The original concept started with daughter, (affectionately known as Ivy) who focused on providing senior citizens who were hospitalized, with a customized blanket that had a symbolic meaning that reminded them of being outside the sterility of the hospital setting. Blankets have a natural soothing, calming effect; that coupled with their name, photo, or memento of something that they treasured would be stitched onto the blanket. But because of privacy laws they were unable to personalize blankets for them.

So daughter and mother formed a new strategy, which focused on children. (Then) sixteen-year-old Ivy, the youngest of eight was in familiar territory, as well as mom who birthed them. Mom's and daughter's flair for poetry about children solidified the concept. Both mom and Ivy stitch the poetic-pouches onto the blankets. The kid-humor messages were conceived by both mom and daughter.

Ivy-  in the spirit of entrepreneurship- she first: secured third, and then second-place finishes in each year that she competed in Entrepreneuring Youth at her local high school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This year she was selected to participate in the NFTE (Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship) Global Showcase held in New York; representing Pittsburgh as the Global Young Entrepreneur of the year. She was also chosen as the Rotary Club's, "Rotary Student of Distinction." She plans to enter college after her senior year. 

It is their hope that these customized/embroidered blankets not only soothe, calm, and comfort your loved one, but that the poetry and humor also reflect the positive nature of children, as well as, reinforce the bond that exists between adult and child.