Customized Throw Blankets

The main theme behind our entire line of children's blankets is for you to connect with your child through a soothing, sayable, tangible product, that feeds your child's appetite with praise, poetry, and humor.

Affection Connection Children’s Blankets / SpRead Blankets (Have you read the spread?)

The “Say-So” collection of children’s soft, soothing, plush, embroidered blankets give comfort, warmth, and security - indoors and outdoors.

These specialty blankets are designed exclusively for you. Add your unique personal touch with the blanket color of your choice. Then select a name.

We also offer blankets with standard poetic-pouches, which speak to the essence of childhood, as well as, the bond that exists between adult and child. These pouches also double as holders for keepsakes: Stuffed animals, small pillows, light books, etc.

All poems, messages of humor, convey the basic virtues of: self-esteem, pride, love, fulfillment, wisdom, discipline, security, and of course laughter - which can resonate with everyone.

So whether it’s: Chat-time, Nap-time, or Lap-time. It’s just you and yours. So cuddle close, and blend together. Tell your child(ren) how uniquely beautiful they are –and let us say it with you. With our Children’s Blanket Collection.

Affection Connection: A loving sensation.

Now introducing a collection of blankets for children and adults!

Going forward: All blankets will now display the new company logo, "SpRead." Have you read the spread? (Meaning: short for Bedspread. The word, "Spread" contains the word, "Read" which explains that these are, "Readable Blankets.")

So the name, Affection Connection shall be used solely as the company name. The company logo to describe each blanket shall be embroidered on all blankets as mentioned as, SpRead. Cover Lover is now obsolete. All messages, poems, and sayings, shall remain, only the logo shall change!  

SpRead Blankets are designed for children, and adults. With a language that connects the blanket with its user. Embroidered stitching that makes a statement such as: "Serenity" or "Comfort Zone" or "Relax to the Max."

These blankets are luxuriously quality made with a smooth, silky, feel to the touch. Velvety Plush Throws to immerse yourself in. With that feel of sheer royalty.

So treat yourself - or others, to the most basic feeling of creature-comforts: Some down-time, and some cozy-covers called, "SpRead."

Have you read the spread?